I Went To The Meghan Trainer Concert!!!

For my birthday, one of my best friend's, Michaela surprised me with tickets to see MEGHAN TRAINOR!!!

Is that the best gift ever?? I was so surprised! I was even more surprised when she told me the concert was the next day!!

Luckily my friend Nicole (She was my 8th grade buddy when I was in Kindergarten), gave me the perfect concert outfit and I couldn't wait to wear it!

I also wore the outfit to school that day.

I love the leather and plaid jacket and the lace ruffle on the skirt. The outfit also came with a big heart shaped necklace.

When I got home, I put on make-up and face gems & chalked my hair too! Nicole and her mom also got me the hair chalk. It's like they KNEW I was going to a concert!

The concert was in NYC and we stopped to get something to eat first. Our Moms mixed up the times and almost missed the beginning of the show!!!! Hailey Steinfeld opened and I really like her song.

Thankfully, the restaurant held our food for us to eat after the show.

While we were at school, Michaela's mom and my mom worked on concert signs for us. They were SO cool!! They even lit up! But when we got to the door, the man said we couldn't bring them in. SAD FACE.

But then when we were walking to our seats, we kept getting closer... and closer... and closer... THIRD ROW!!!  --- HAPPY FACE!

We were THIS close!

Michaela and I danced and sang to all of the songs and even got a t-shirt at the end.

It was such a crazy and fun night.

Best birthday surprise ever!

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