Blue Sparkly Christmas Dress

I love getting dressed up for Christmas. I love dresses I can twirl in with lots of glitter, sparkles.

This year my I was sent a really really pretty blue dress from Pink Princess for a post on my Mom's blog.


The purple and blue glittery sequins are SO PRETTY.

After we took pictures, I asked my mom if I could wear it to my school's Christmas concert. She said yes! It was cold so I put on my leather jacket and it looked really really nice with the dress.


Very First Cheer Competition!

This weekend was my very first cheer competition with my new cheer team.

We have been working really, really hard and I was really excited!

We got to stay in hotel the night before, play in a pool and then we had a curl party and ate pizza!

The curlers looked so crazy and we slept in them!!!

My team and I did really really good. I'm proud of us!

Go Rubies!


Cozy Stylin' On A Cold Day

It was cold this weekend but we were prepared in fashion.

 My Mom told me to bundle up so I asked if I can borrow her fluffy scarf.
 It kept my neck warm and cozy.

 This jacket is from Justice. I got it from my aunt for my birthday.
I love Justice!!

These shoes are from my favorite movie, Descendants. 
My Meema got these for me for my birthday at Kohl's.
 I love this headband. It's my Mom's. It reminds me of a princess tiara. 


VIDEO: How To Make A Paper Pocketbook | DIY Kid Creation

I love doing arts and crafts and coming up with my own creations. 

One day I made this paper pocketbook for my Aunt Kristi and she really liked it.

I think it would make a great gift for any Mom, Grandma, Aunt or friend for their birthday.
You can fill it with a small surprise or card.


KID STYLE ALERT: Descendant's Evie "Fairest Shirt" + Sneakers!

Today I went to the mall with my Mom and Dad and we stopped in the Disney Store and look what I found!!!!!!!

I wanted these both SOOOO much!!! 


Rotten to The Core: My Descendants Theme Birthday Party!

This week was my birthday!!!!

This year, the first day of school was my actual birthday and then we had a party the next week with all my friends.

I asked my Mom if I could have a Descendants themed birthday party and she said yes!! I was so excited!

I got a Mal costume and Descendants clothes from my parents and grandparents so I knew I was going to wear that.

Here are some pictures from the party:

We did a magic mirror craft (just like Evie's).

We got to decorate it with gems and markers.

It was really a picture frame so when we were done, my Mom took our picture at the photobooth she made and she printed them out and put them in the magic mirror!

This was my favorite thing we did.

Then we bobbed for apples. They were on a string though. It was really hard!

Then we played Freeze Dance to the Decsendant's soundtrack. The winners got to choose a prize from Maleficent's Evil Prize tree.

For cake we had cupcakes with lots of colorful sprinkles and  Descendants rings on top.

Everyone got to take home a glittery Descendants cheer bow. My mom worked very hard making them. I'm going to wear mine to cheer practice.

It was a really fun day!


Back To School Style: Dressing Up My Levi's Kids Jeans + Jacket

Going clothes shopping for school is so much fun. Sometimes I get to work with my Mom for her website. 

The other day, she was working with Levi's Kids and I got to make 2 outfits for a photoshoot– one with a pair of Levi's jeans and one with a jean jacket. 

 Which do you like best?

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

The Day The Crayons Quit is my favorite book! Have you ever read it?

I loved the skirt outfit most because I love skirts. I would probably wear them every single day if I could.
 I was so excited to wear this skirt outfit with the orange shirt and black boots to my friend Peyton's birthday party after we were done taking pictures!

Easy Kid Craft: Paper Plate Lion Mask

When we were in California this summer for vacation, we visited my Aunt Lorraine.

Aunt Lorraine's house is always fun. She has a pool and loves crafting just like me!

When we were there she taught me how to make a lion mask with a paper plate.

It was really easy.

What You need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Safety scissors
  • Construction paper 
  • Tape


  • Cut out the middle of the plate
  • Cut strips of construction paper
  • Tape the strips of paper around the outside of the plate
  • Have an adult help you cut the edges of the paper strips

BOOM! You're done!
So easy, right???



Cream Lace Party Dress + Running Through Sprinklers!!

This weekend we went to a really fun Christening!

There was a magician there and me and my brother got to help him do one of his tricks.

I wore a really pretty lace dress. It was kinda white and had ruffles that I really liked.

I asked my mom to put my hair up in a messy bun with my favorite rhinestone headband. I think it looked really nice.

Drinking water out of a wine glass all fancy.

When the party was over and we got home, our sprinklers were on. Mom and Dad let me run through them.... with my fancy dress on!!! 

That was SO FUN!! 

It was probably my favorite part of the day. 
I hope they let me do that again.


Kid Concert Review: Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer EVER. 

I know all of her songs.

My Mom and Dad surprised me this week with tickets to Taylor Swift's concert at Met Life Stadium. 

I was SOOOOOO excited.

I ran up to my room and picked out a dress that looked like one Taylor Swift would wear– black and white stripes with a red bow and red sneakers. 

My mom even let me wear red lip stick and eye liner like Taylor does!

Before the concert we tailgated. Me and my mom had never been to a tailgate before. It was fun. My dad BBQ'd and everyone in the parking lot was singing and dancing to Taylor Swift songs.

The only bad part about the tailgating was the bathrooms. Port-a-potties are GROSS!!! I am NEVER going in one of those again! 

When the show was about to start we went inside to our seats. I couldn't wait for the show to start! I was hoping she sang "Shake it off" first. That is my favorite song.

Before Taylor started, we all Periscope'd and talked to people online about our tailgate. That was really fun. People kept giving us lots and lots of hearts.


One of the cool things at the concert were these light up bracelets. Everyone got one and they changed color with the music. It even matched a light up dress Taylor had!

Taylor's costumes were SO pretty!! I wanted them all. 

This dress was my favorite. It's so sparkly!
photo credit: NY Post

A lot of Taylor Swift's friends were at the show too. They were all famous models.

photo credit:

Another one of her friends that she sang with was Nick Jonas! He sang his song "Jealous".
Everyone screamed REALLY loud. We were surprised to see him there.
photo credit:

I had a lot of fun at the Taylor Swift concert, but I was very very very tired by the end. 

It ended at 11:00!

I hope I get to see her again next summer!
photo credit: Ousive

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