DIY: Easy Love Bug Yarn Craft For Kids

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and so I really wanted to share with you a fun new craft I made that is perfect to give as a Valentine's Day gift!


For this craft you will need:

  • Yarn (any color you want!)
  • Small googly eyes
  • 1 sheet of foam
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
Pssst!!! I'd love for you to help me name these little guys! Let me know which name you choose in the comments!

My First School Play: The Golden Goose

This week I was in my very first school play! The play was called the Golden Goose.

In the play, I played oone of the "good kids". My Mom and Dad said I didn't need to act because I'm a good kid in real life.

We only rehearsed for 3 days!! I was a little nervous.

The last practice was the day of the play. From practice, we went right to dinner and my Mom helped me get ready there. We had to be quick! I didn't want to be late for my first play! When we were doing my makeup, my mom messed up my purple eyeshadow, but my friends helped me fix it before we went on the stage. Whew!

During the play, the director had some of the parents in the audience get up on stage with us and say lines like "SUMMON THE PRINCESSES!!" It was so funny.

After the play, my Dad gave me a BIG bouquet of flowers with GLITTER and we celebrated with ice cream sundaes at Friendly's!!

All About Dresses And Messes!

I made a new video for my YouTube channel that talks about all of the things I LOVE!!

Check it out and don't forget to subscribe!!!!!!!!

My Sparkly, Twirlable, Ruffle Holiday Dresses From H&M!

I love love love wearing fancy dresses.

This year my mom and I found 2 dresses at H&M that were both blue and SOOO pretty.  The two things I always look for when I'm shopping for a fancy dress are: "twirlability" and poufiness! These two dresses definitely passed the test.

The first one is a light blue with ruffles and sequins.

The other one is a dark blue with even more ruffles (way, way more "poofy") than the light blue one. It kind of looks like the dress I wore last Christmas, but it doesn't have the rainbow sequins, it has blue sequins and has tons of ruffles!

2016 Santa List

I can't wait for Christmas!

My favorite things about Christmas are:

  • Baking cookies
  • Decorating our tree
  • Going to my Mima and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve 
  • Going to my Nana & Papas 
  • Playing with my cousins
  • Presents -of course!

Here are some of the things I'm asking from Santa this year:

1. Pink Dareway

2. Art Kit

3. Matching clothes for me and my American Girl doll

4. Bop It!

5. Pillow craft

(I saved all the clothes stuff for my family list! LOTS of Justice stuff, of course!)

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