My Sparkly, Twirlable, Ruffle Holiday Dresses From H&M!

I love love love wearing fancy dresses.

This year my mom and I found 2 dresses at H&M that were both blue and SOOO pretty.  The two things I always look for when I'm shopping for a fancy dress are: "twirlability" and poufiness! These two dresses definitely passed the test.

The first one is a light blue with ruffles and sequins.

The other one is a dark blue with even more ruffles (way, way more "poofy") than the light blue one. It kind of looks like the dress I wore last Christmas, but it doesn't have the rainbow sequins, it has blue sequins and has tons of ruffles!


2016 Santa List

I can't wait for Christmas!

My favorite things about Christmas are:

  • Baking cookies
  • Decorating our tree
  • Going to my Mima and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve 
  • Going to my Nana & Papas 
  • Playing with my cousins
  • Presents -of course!

Here are some of the things I'm asking from Santa this year:

1. Pink Dareway

2. Art Kit

3. Matching clothes for me and my American Girl doll

4. Bop It!

5. Pillow craft

(I saved all the clothes stuff for my family list! LOTS of Justice stuff, of course!)


So Much Fun On The Disney Merrytime Cruise

Last week my family and I went on a Disney Cruise for vacation!

This is our second Disney Cruise and we had SO much fun. What made this cruise extra special this time was that some of our friend's and their families came with us.

My friend Michaela is one of my best friends and we always have so much fun together so I was really excited to get to hang out with her for a whole week!

We hung out in the pool, the kids club (a lot!), and got dressed up to see a show every night. It was awesome.

Kids Club!

The kids club was HUGE. It had two sides: The Oceaneers Club and The Oceaneers Lab.

I loved the Pixie Hallow area in the Oceaneers Club the best because they always did arts and crafts there.

Ryan and his friends were always going to Edge. It's a club for older kids and he always came back with ice cream. I can't wait til I'm old enough to go to Edge!

Avery just turned 3 and didn't like the kids club very much. He liked the "It's A Small World", daycare much better.

Merrytime Christmas

Since Christmas is almost here (kind of), the boat was all decorated for Christmas and they had Christmas shows.  In the lobby they had a HUGE Christmas Tree and the biggest Gingerbread house I've ever seen– made out of real Gingerbread!! I smelt it. It smelt delicious- but we weren't allowed to eat it.

One show even had Santa and Mrs. Clause in it & at the end of the show it SNOWED!

Pin Trading

We also had a lot of fun pin trading with the crew.

At the end of our trip I lost my pin necklace but my brother gave me some of his and then a nice woman in the store also gave me a few extra pins to help restart my collection. That was so nice of them.

Pirate Night!

Pirate Night is such a fun night. Everyone gets dressed up like Pirates (even the moms and dads) and watch fireworks at night. There's also a fun show before and dance party after!


Every night at dinner we had the same waiters and they were so funny. 

They would always show us magic tricks and taught us how to do a few also! They were the best waiters.

My favorite restaurant was Animators Pallet because we got to make drawings and see them turn into a cartoon on the walls of the restaurant.

Beach Fun

Some of the islands we visited were: Tortola, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico.

I was a little sad we didn't go to Castaway Cay (Disney's island in the Bahamas) this time. We went to Castaway Cay on our last Dinsey Cruise and it so awesome. There was so many "beach things" to do and we had a big BBQ on the beach for everyone on the boat.

We did go to a really cool beach though on St. Maarten right near an airport. The airplanes landed SO low it looked like it was going to touch the people on the beach! It was SO cool.

The Bippity Boppity Boutique

I was really looking forward to my appointment at The Bippity Boppity Boutique! They did my hair (sprayed with glitter!!), makeup, nails and I wore my Sleeping Beauty dress the rest of the day.

Next Cruise– 2018!

My Mom and Dad booked another cruise for 2018. Avery will probably like the kids club better then since he will be 5.  I will be 10 and old enough to go into the tween club, Edge– and Ryan will be a TEENAGER going to the "VIBE" nightclub!!!!


I Went To The Meghan Trainer Concert!!!

For my birthday, one of my best friend's, Michaela surprised me with tickets to see MEGHAN TRAINOR!!!

Is that the best gift ever?? I was so surprised! I was even more surprised when she told me the concert was the next day!!

Luckily my friend Nicole (She was my 8th grade buddy when I was in Kindergarten), gave me the perfect concert outfit and I couldn't wait to wear it!

I also wore the outfit to school that day.

I love the leather and plaid jacket and the lace ruffle on the skirt. The outfit also came with a big heart shaped necklace.

When I got home, I put on make-up and face gems & chalked my hair too! Nicole and her mom also got me the hair chalk. It's like they KNEW I was going to a concert!

The concert was in NYC and we stopped to get something to eat first. Our Moms mixed up the times and almost missed the beginning of the show!!!! Hailey Steinfeld opened and I really like her song.

Thankfully, the restaurant held our food for us to eat after the show.

While we were at school, Michaela's mom and my mom worked on concert signs for us. They were SO cool!! They even lit up! But when we got to the door, the man said we couldn't bring them in. SAD FACE.

But then when we were walking to our seats, we kept getting closer... and closer... and closer... THIRD ROW!!!  --- HAPPY FACE!

We were THIS close!

Michaela and I danced and sang to all of the songs and even got a t-shirt at the end.

It was such a crazy and fun night.

Best birthday surprise ever!


DIY: Look book for school day outfits

This year I am starting a new school. I am a little nervous but also a little excited- especially because I get to pick out my own clothes every morning! YAY! No more uniforms!

Sometimes picking out outfits can take a long time and you don't always have a long time to get ready so my mom had a great idea– creating a photo album of outfits!

So one day we put together outfits with fun accessories on the floor, took pictures of them and printed them for the picture album.

This makes getting ready so easy when I am tired in the morning and can't think of what to wear. I just open the book, find the outfit I want to wear and find those clothes in my closet or dresser.

BOOM! – Ready for school!

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