Rotten to The Core: My Descendants Theme Birthday Party!

This week was my birthday!!!!

This year, the first day of school was my actual birthday and then we had a party the next week with all my friends.

I asked my Mom if I could have a Descendants themed birthday party and she said yes!! I was so excited!

I got a Mal costume and Descendants clothes from my parents and grandparents so I knew I was going to wear that.

Here are some pictures from the party:

We did a magic mirror craft (just like Evie's).

We got to decorate it with gems and markers.

It was really a picture frame so when we were done, my Mom took our picture at the photobooth she made and she printed them out and put them in the magic mirror!

This was my favorite thing we did.

Then we bobbed for apples. They were on a string though. It was really hard!

Then we played Freeze Dance to the Decsendant's soundtrack. The winners got to choose a prize from Maleficent's Evil Prize tree.

For cake we had cupcakes with lots of colorful sprinkles and  Descendants rings on top.

Everyone got to take home a glittery Descendants cheer bow. My mom worked very hard making them. I'm going to wear mine to cheer practice.

It was a really fun day!

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