Cute Girl Hairstyle With BunTopper Hair Pins

Aren't hair accessories so much fun? 

Last week my mom and I were sent these cute little BunToppers to try out– I could not wait to put them in my hair!! 

BunToppers are cute little bobby pins with characters on the top that you can add to your bun or ponytail.

When we did my hair with the BunTopper, we made a half up/ half down bun. The hair that was left down my mom waved with our wave iron (I loooooove wavy hair!).

I think this style kind of looks like Belle from Beauty And The Beast, don't you?

BunToppers are sold online for $6 each

Each BunTopper character is different. They have different skin tones, different hair colors, different hair accessories in their hair, and different interests– just like real girls!

You learn about each BunTopper's story on the side of the box that they come in.  There are 8 of them that you can collect. Right now I have 4 –but I'm going to give one to my friend in school so we can wear them on the same day.

My favorites so far are Alex (the rockstar) and Rose (the dancer).

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